Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oh Deer

Yesterday Mom and Daddy left.
They went to the River Trail with Nice Lady 2.
I didn't get to go with them.

I didn't even get to really go outside until sunset.

Nor did I get to stay out as long as I wanted.

Friday Aunt and Uncle came over for awhile.

I felt a bit ignored.
When I say 'a bit', I mean enough to put 
Mimzy in my food bowl.

Then, to make matters worse,
Mom decided that instead of playing with me,
she would trim my claws.

Normally I get through it okay,
but this time one of my claws hurt.

Mom didn't trim it wrong or anything,
it just had become sensitive.

So Mom decided to leave that one alone.

I felt the need to chew at it for a bit after that.

Then, FINALLY, Mom agreed to take me out.
I was not pleased with her choice of harnesses, though.
So I retreated to the Box of Rebellion.

As it turns out, however, once I got into
the car my mood changed.

I wasn't sure where we would be going.

Soon the car stopped at the park 
and I was eager to get out.

I love the park!
We were on the opposite side of the river as usual,
but still, it was fun!

We wandered all over.
I took in a variety of scents.

Then I caught a new scent.
An exciting scent!

Then I saw them.

Two of them.
I was drawn to them.
I wanted to follow them...from a safe distance.

After stalking them for awhile I returned to my wanderings.

Then, because I can't read,
I parked it here for awhile:

When we got back into the car I was a bundle 
of excitement.

We went for a nighttime cruise.

So, I guess, after a miserable beginning to my day,

it turned out to be okay.