Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not My Caturday

Yesterday, after sleeping late, I pondered 
going outside for a bit.

I pondered it for quite some time...

...until I finally made the commitment.

After a quick sniff around I
looked up for signs of Angel.

I haven't seen much of her lately.

After Mom put my collar on and walked 
out with me, I went to the sidewalk.

Where I continually turned my face 
away from the camera.

Nice Boy came over and we all 
watched Doctor Who together.
That was 'lap time' well spent.

After he went home I became annoyed 
at the fact that I wasn't getting a nighttime recon.

I didn't care if the sky was still a bit light.
I wanted to go.

Finally Mom gave in.

My recon, however, was highly lacking.
It was barely half a lap around the building 
before Mom made me go inside.

Then she and Daddy walked to the store; leaving me home alone.

While they were gone, I saw Uncle outside briefly.
Then he went away too.

When Mom and Daddy came home Uncle was with them.
I guess he tracked their scent to the store.

Well, having more company over meant that 
I would continue to NOT get what I wanted.

At some point during the day
Mom and Daddy had put what appeared to be the makings 
of a brand new Box of Rebellion on the dining room floor.
I had investigated it earlier and found it acceptable.

At this time, however, things would not look so promising.

Uncle had gone home and I had Mom's attention.
So I stepped confidently into the box and proceeded 
to roll over into 'cute mode' to get what I wanted.

That's when the offending box failed me.
I rolled right over the edge as it slid out from under me
making a loud hissing noise.

I had only one response to that sort of behavior!

I quickly retreated to my ACTUAL Box of Rebellion.

At least I knew IT could be trusted!

To my disappointment, however, Mom 
did not take me for a nighttime recon.

She instead went into the living room with Daddy,
once again ignoring my needs.

Thinking to try a different box,
I remembered the one in the living room had
my fish toy in it.
I thought, 'surely if I play in that box Mom and 
Daddy would be so impressed with my cuteness 
that they would finally give me what I wanted'.

Well, I WAS cute.
They DID notice.
But all I got was this lousy photo:

I really need to learn how to read.