Thursday, October 9, 2014

Difference of Opinions

Yesterday our visit with the Nice Ladies was brief.
Even so, I waited under my chair until it was time to go.

Upon returning home, I enjoyed the nice Autumn day.

After a nice crouch on the grass,
I ventured to the sidewalk for a good roll.

Yes, I did glance up to see if Angel was there.
She wasn't.

After my roll, Mom agreed to take me for
a daytime recon.

I went to investigate the bird bush.

I just love to smell it!
(Mom watches me carefully to make sure
that's all I do.)

I was thinking that I could get used to these 
daytime adventures...

...when a man came to take out his garbage.
I was NOT expecting that and bolted for home.

Once I got inside Mom learned something new about me.
Since I had been spooked outdoors,
I needed to make sure my indoor domain was secure.

I investigated the living room.

I investigated the dining room.

I went down the hall and investigated the bedroom.

After a good indoor reconnaissance I relaxed.

Of course, then I realized it was Wednesday.
Yep, Mom left me.

Although, minutes after she did, Daddy came home for a break.
Then he too left me.

Hours passed and they finally came home.
I meowed and meowed for a nighttime recon.

They seemed more interested in food.

I decided to curl up in a box.

O.K., so I fell for it again.

From this box, however, I was in full view of Mom and Daddy.

So, when Mom saw this face:

she took pity on it.
(By "it" I mean "me" of course)

She offered to take me on a nighttime recon.

By then, of course, I was quite comfortable in my box.
Fortunately, she was patient.

So eventually I crawled out of my comfy spot
and stretched my legs.

After she put my collar on, 
we went outside.

I wandered to as many new places as she would let me.

I even tried to look into some people's window.

She drew the line there.
Which, began a little disagreement.

After much prompting, I finally walked away from
that area.

Then I tried to go to another place.
Mom didn't seem to want to let me go there either.

I began to pull on the tether and growl and hiss.
I would gain a little ground for awhile,
then Mom would.

Eventually, this disagreement turned into a full blown argument.

Mom snapped and tugged.
I growled and hissed.
Even when I walked the direction she wanted to go,
I let her know that it was NOT what I wanted.
I continued to growl.

I mean, wasn't this MY nighttime recon?

Then it happened.
She used my "you're in big trouble" name.
Yes, I have one of those.
There was no more, "Winchester! No!"
She used the name that comes out of her mouth when she means business.

What is it? 
Like I'm going to tell the entire world what name to use against me!

Needless to say, we went straight home from there.
I obediently trotted alongside her.
Mind you, I growled most of the way.

Sure, when we got home I was feeling a bit ashamed...

...but I had my pride.

I was not about to make amends.

I was going to pout.

I continued to growl.

I continued to give Mom dirty looks.

In hindsight, she HAD taken me for a nighttime recon.
She HAD been very patient with me.

But what can I say,
I'm a former stray...

...and that makes me a little scamp!