Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mind Tricks

Yesterday I woke up feeling ready to face the world.

Then ignored those feelings and settled back into sleep mode.

Eventually Mom decided it was a good idea for me to 
 make the usual rounds with her.

I suppose it was alright going to the mailbox, 
but once we got into the Nice Ladies' office it was 
all down hill.

Not only was there a small human in there,
but there were two dogs.
Let me reiterate:

Well, at least Mom had the good sense to pick me up 
before we had even stepped through the doorway.
The dogs didn't seem aggressive or anything,
but they were dogs.
When the big black one came over to see who I was,
I gave it a couple of good hisses.

It walked away.

Fortunately, the dogs left.
I, however, had already decided to spend the 
rest of my time in the office under my chair.

When we got home, I realized that it was
indeed a nice day.

I had quite a nice time outside with Mom.

Unfortunately there was still no sign of 
my beloved Angel in the upstairs window.

I eventually gave up looking for her and 
opted, instead, for a good roll on the sidewalk.

That, unfortunately, was the extent of my day.

Despite my best Jedi mind tricks, Mom failed to entertain me.

At one point I settled onto her lap and stared her down.

"You WILL play with me!"

These attempts failed.
So I resorted to pouting.

Then I wandered across the living room and 
positioned myself behind a stool.

From this vantage point I could stare down
both Mom and Daddy.

Once again resulting in failure.

So I curled up on a pile of pillows and blankets 
next to them on the couch.

Here I resumed my stare down...

...resulting in continued failure.
I guess Mom and Daddy aren't the weak-minded fools 
I thought they were.

I must try new tactics in the future.