Sunday, October 19, 2014

Decent Caturday

Yesterday was Caturday.
I got to enjoy a bit of outside time.

Later, however, I got in trouble.
Apparently Mom and Daddy don't appreciate
constant meowing during Doctor Who.

So Mom made me settle down on her lap
until it was over.

I'm so ashamed.

Then Mom and Daddy started getting ready to leave the house.
So I went straight to my Box of Rebellion.

They took me with them.
The first place we stopped at I had to get into
my traveling bag.

I really wanted to walk on my own.
For the first time, when we went into the store,
I meowed.
That was met with some disapproval.

Then we went to another store.
This store I'm allowed to walk around in.

I explored various pieces of cat furniture.

I like the ones with tunnels.

"Mom, you're camera work is getting atrocious."

I was quite content.

I had to try them all.

Then I went to look at the birds.

We left the store with a bag of my food,
so that was good.

Then it was back into the car.

At first I wasn't happy, but then they rolled down
the window for me.

There were a lot of strange humans out and about,

but I still enjoyed the ride.

When we got home, Friday Aunt showed up.
I don't think she realizes she's supposed to come 
over on FRIDAYS.

Since the humans were all doing their human thing,
I had to entertain myself.

Finally Mom took me for a nighttime recon!

I guess she figured I was going stir crazy.

Which, truth be told, I was.

I have to admit, it was a pretty decent Caturday.

So I shall leave you with this:

The look I give Mom when I want her to
take the computer off her lap so I can settle
down for a nap.