Friday, October 17, 2014

Vanishing Angel

Yesterday I really enjoyed visiting Nice Lady 1 in the office.

Truth be told, Mom had trouble getting me to go home.

I got to spend a decent amount of time outside,
but there was no sign of Angel.

I didn't even hear her footsteps from the apartment above us.

Mom finally told me the terrible truth.
Angel is moving.
She may already be gone.

Not my Calico Beauty!

I'd like a moment of silence please.


Mom and I played for a little bit to try to get my mind
off the sad news.
She even gave me some wet food to console me.

I eventually curled up on Mom's lap.

"Nice camera work, Mom.  You're not getting another take."

While I was there, Mom went crazy with the picture taking again.

First it was my super cute hind foot.

The left one.

Then it was my super cute twitches whilst dreaming.

Then it was just my super cute self in various positions.

I thinks she's starstruck or something.

Let's pause on that one for a minute:

Yeah, my feet are super cute.
Almost makes me forget that Angel has moved away.


Goodbye, Angel.