Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Problem With My Week

Yesterday we were a bit later than 
usual visiting the Nice Ladies in the office.

I stayed under my chair for some of the time,
but I did get out long enough to contemplate
sitting on one of the chairs near Mom.

When we went home, I was allowed 
to enjoy some time outside.

So, of course I looked for Angel.

I briefly saw her out on her balcony.

I tried to get closer, 
but this only resulted in me looking into
my own living room window.

Eventually Mom decided it was getting 
a bit chilly and we went indoors.

I had a good play with the little string toy
and my homemade box hotel.

I've become quite attached to my box hotel.
I must say, Mom did a good job.

The string toy, however,
proved to be a bit elusive.

Even when Mom retrieved it for me,
it still gave me a bit of trouble.

So I decided to call it quits.

It was shortly after Daddy came home that I had
begun to figure out what's been wrong with my week.

Mostly because it was shortly after Daddy came home
that Monday Aunt walked through the door.

That was it!
Here was Monday Aunt; eventually followed by 
Monday Uncle.

This, however, was FRIDAY.
That's when it occurred to me that they hadn't 
been here ON Monday.
Nor had I seen the Teenagers on a Friday in a very
long time.

Now, the Monday People have been known to show up
on other randoms days, but they still always come on Monday.

Mom explained that they're switching nights again.


When she told me that I remembered.
I used to call them the Tuesday People!

Well this was a development.
I don't remember being consulted about this!

So I guess from here on out the Monday People
will be referred to as the Friday People.
Friday Aunt, Friday Uncle, and of course Sarcastic Friday.
Although, Facetious Friday has a nice ring and is just as fitting.
Maybe even more so.

So what happened to the Teenagers?
What random day are they going to show up on?
Mom says she doesn't know yet.


How is a cat expected to cope with these random human behaviors?

On top of all this,
I'd like to point out that I've lost ANOTHER whisker!

That's right, I'm down to ONE on that side!

I think I'm going to blame the humans and 
their unpredictable behavior.

This is me trying to convince myself that change is okay:

This is me wondering if I'll ever be able to adjust:

And if I can adjust, how long until the humans
just go and change everything again?

It's no wonder I'm losing whiskers!