Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stretching My Hind Legs

Yesterday I was feeling confident.
Our time in the office with the Nice Ladies was pleasant.

It was quite a warm day.
I'm convinced that if the pool were still open,
Mom would have abandoned me for it.
Fortunately, it's closed.

So Mom was forced to spend some time outside with me.

There was a small problem, however.
It seems a mysterious ball appeared in my yard.

I suspect the Third Floor Dogs.
They don't seem to be able to keep track of their things.

After a little time enjoying the nice warm day,
Mom wandered out onto the sidewalk.
I was eager to follow.

Did I mention I was feeling confident today?
So confident, in fact, that we actually went
for a brief daytime recon.

That's right.
I said, "DAYTIME recon."

It was at this point I began exploring my height.

I stood on my hind legs.

When we returned home, I looked to 
the upstairs window to see if Angel was there.

She WAS!

I could see her looking down at me.

I tried to get closer.

Mom keeps telling me that I can't see her
when I get that close.

Well, I thought maybe I could...

...if I stood on my hind legs.

I couldn't.

Eventually Mom decided it was time to go inside.
A while after that she began to hang out with Computer Aunt.

Then Daddy came home an they all hung out together.

When this happens, sometimes, Computer Aunt 
gets put on a stool.
I don't understand it, but I was curious.


...I stood on my hind legs.

Eventually I lost interest,
Computer Aunt went away,
and Mom seemed to be doing nothing important.

So I began to ask for a nighttime recon.

After all, a brief daytime recon should, by no means,
replace a nighttime recon.

Mom saw my point.

She used the tether instead of the leash.
I like this, because it's longer.

That allows me to explore more.

Since I was having such a good time exploring,

I stood on my hind legs.

I had a nice long recon followed by a little time on the patio.

When Mom and I returned to the indoors,
I snuggled up next to her.

Of course, what I really want is some good playtime.
Then I would have another excuse to stand on my hind legs.