Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Different Nighttime Recon

Yesterday Mom let me sleep in.
When I finally meandered outside it was close to sunset.

After Mom made me go inside,
I sulked.

I sulked on my carpet piece.

I sulked on a stool.

I REALLY sulked on a stool.

All  I wanted was to go back outside.

Finally I heard the sound of my harness.
I ran to the door, let Mom put the harness on me,
and off we went!

I didn't really pay attention to which harness Mom
had put on me.
I probably should have.

It wasn't until well into my nighttime recon, 
when Daddy came outside, that it dawned on me.

I was wearing my car harness.
Before I knew it we were getting into the car.

We drove to a store.
While Daddy went into the building,
Mom and I wandered around outside.

It was a different nighttime recon, that's for sure!

So many strange scents.

I enjoyed the car ride home, too.
Usually, when we get home after a car ride,
I can't wait to get out of the car and run to the front door.

Not this time.
This time I was reluctant to get out of the car.

Eventually, however, I thought I might continue 
the recon of my own territory.
After getting out of the car and wandering a few
feet in one direction, I changed my mind.
I guess I wanted to go home after all.

It did feel nice to get the harness off.
It also felt nice to get some food in my belly.

After that I returned to my carpet piece;
then the stool again.
This time I wasn't sulking about wanting to go outside.
This time I wanted something different.

So, as soon as Daddy vacated the good chair,
I took it!

I do believe I have earned my comfort.

It's not like the humans go around making sure
my territory is safe.