Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pent-up Energy

Yesterday Mom went to get the mail without me.
I didn't really mind.
What I did mind was that it was Wednesday which 
meant she would be leaving me.

All I wanted to do today was hang out with Mom.

So I went under the table and sat in my Box of Rebellion 
so I could properly give her the 'evil eye'.

Well, she left anyway.
(Insert heavy sigh here.)

Mom did leave a couple of my favorite toys 
strategically placed around the house.
So at least I had some entertainment while I 
was home alone.

When she and Daddy came home later that night,
I meowed and meowed.
Mom let me outside on the tether for a bit, but I
didn't want to be out there for long.
Have I mentioned that it's starting to get cold?

So I came inside and curled up on the back of the couch for awhile.

It wasn't long, however, before I became a bundle of 
wild cat energy!

I ran all over the house!

When I returned to the back of the couch,
I began to play with Mom.

Unfortunately, I had some difficulty knowing 
where play ended and seriousness began.

My hyper mood got the best of me and I decided
it would be a good time to see where I stood in
the family hierarchy.

I quickly found out that I was still ranked beneath Mom.

She grabbed me by the scruff and held me in her arms until 
I calmed down a bit.

When she let me go I was better behaved, but
still full of energy!

So I went into the box in the living room and played
with my fish toy.

Wait a minute...that's the 'Cat Trap' box.
Dang it! I fell for it again!

When I finally expended all my energy,
I curled up next to Mom on the couch.

She says she'll be able to spend more time with me today.
Here's hoping!