Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Things

Sunday was relatively uneventful.
So uneventful, in fact, that I rebelled.

Eventually, however, Mom and Daddy left me for awhile.
When they came back I learned that they had gone to the 
pet store without me.

Mom said that it hadn't been their original plan 
when they left the house.
She also said that I shouldn't be too upset because 
the people who work there were doing that thing again.

I HATE 'that thing'.
What is it, you ask?
Well, it seems they have dog training available
at the store.
Now, I'm all for dog training.  It keeps them under control.
Let's face it, out of control dogs are a huge problem 
for cats around the world.

So, it's not the dog training I have a problem with.
It WHERE they choose to train the dogs.

They seem to insist on taking them into the cat aisles to train them.
Now I ask you, does that seem right?
We all know that the majority of a pet store is strongly 
biased towards catering to dogs.
Must they encroach into the few aisles allotted to felines?

O.K. I'm done ranting.

What Mom and Daddy bought there was of interest to me.
I was disappointed that it wasn't a toy.
Nor nip.
It was, however, a new collar.

They said they had thought the blue one would
look best on me, but that the one with Darth Vader 
on it seemed to fit my personality better.
I have to agree.

What's special about this collar is not simply that
it's a Star Wars collar, it's that it's MINE.
The collar I had been using was a hand-me-down.
As well as my leash and harness.

Not only did they finally buy me my very own collar,
they also purchased a new leash and harness.

I like it.
Well, it stills feels a bit odd, but I'll adjust.
It pulls in different ways than my previous one.
As a result I'm not picking up on Mom's signals quickly.
A new harness did mean that we had to test it with a nighttime recon.

Now Monday was also boring.
Mom and I only visited the Nice Ladies briefly.
Mom also left me alone while she went and visited 
the Poodle Lady.

Once again the people formerly known as 'Monday People'
failed to show up; confirming their move to Friday.

This resulted in me getting a short nighttime recon.

While Mom and Daddy hung out in the living room,
I took to perching in random places near them.

When Mom vacated her chair, I stole it.
She had left the heating pad there.
Now THIS is something I could grow to love
when it gets cold this winter.

Eventually I realized that Mom and Daddy were
hanging out in the dining room.
I got lonely and went to tell them to return to
the living room.

I used the 'Box of Rebellion' method.

When they failed to comply,
I resigned myself to a spot on the bench next to them.

At least Mom was kind enough to take off my collar
and give me a good scratch on the neck.