Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another New Person

Yesterday I woke up to realize it was no
longer my birthday.
So I stayed in bed.

Mom went on the usual rounds without me.
When she came home, she had Tornado Girl and 
another new teenager with her.

I went back to bed.

Tornado Girl tried to make me a belated birthday gift.
She tied a feather to a string.
I'm sure I'll enjoy it eventually, but when she 
offered it, I showed no interest.

She was so disappointed that she went into 
my Box of Rebellion.

I figured that if she was that committed to my happiness,
 I should take a new look at the situation.

I came out and climbed into my new hideaway.
Where I viewed them from a safe distance.

Then the girls moved into the living room.
So I moved out of it and wandered around
the dining room and kitchen to examine their scents.

They seemed content to stay in the living room.

So I decided to examine them directly.

"I don't love you...  I love this box."

Then Wednesday Guy came and took them all away.

Later, when Mom and Daddy came home,
I instantly began asking for a nighttime recon.

All I got was some tethered patio time.

I was O.K. with that.

  After I came inside,
Mom and Daddy began watching some show
on the computer.
They weren't on the couch, however,
so I had difficulty snuggling onto Mom's lap.

I ended up more in her arms than anything.

Ultimately, it wasn't very comfortable.

I tried to make the best of it by shoving my face
into the crook of her arm.

Eventually I had to accept the fact that it 
wasn't working very well.

So I got up and played in my toy box for a bit.

Then Mom stretched her legs out
onto another chair.

So I reclaimed my spot.

This time it was much more comfortable.
Still, the couch would be an improvement.
Or better yet, the recliner!

I guess I'll take what I can get.