Friday, October 3, 2014

Best Revelation Ever

Yesterday I was back into routine with Mom.
When we got to the office to visit the Nice Ladies,
I didn't spend much time hiding under my chair.

Instead I wandered around.

I was happy to be with Mom on such a beautiful day.

I expressed my joy by rolling around on the 
chair next to her for quite some time.

Then I moved to the chair by the window
to check out the scenery.

Afterwards I resumed my exploration of the office.

This is, after all, part of my domain.

It was a bit warmer, so I actually got some
good outside time.

I looked for Angel, but she just wasn't there.

Mom busied herself around the house, so I commenced meowing.
I meowed and meowed and meowed.
I told Mom about every little need I had.
Even when she let me outside I continued to meow.

It was still twilight when I insisted on my nighttime reconnaissance.

I had meowed so much that Mom just had to give in
just to get me to shut up.

It sure paid off!

I had a great time.

I explored all over!
I didn't even care that there were other humans out;
or that some of them were walking dogs.

Eventually we had to go back inside.

I reluctantly settled onto Mom's lap.

Then the comfort of the situation got the best of me.

I stayed there for-e-ver.

I'm sure Mom wanted to get up at some point...

...but I found out there's a human rule.

I suspected it before, but tonight it was confirmed.
I figured it out when Nice Boy and his mom came by
and Mom didn't get up to get the door.
She waited for Daddy to do it.

Apparently, if a cat lays on a human's lap,
they can't get up!