Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Feel Fine, Mom

Yesterday was cloudy, so I didn't want to get out of bed.

Mom got me up anyway and we made our usual rounds.

While Mom spoke to Nice Lady 1 in the main area,
I snooped in Nice Lady's office.

I've also discovered that there are two identical chairs
I can hide under.
Each with a different vantage point.

I then wandered into Nice Lady 2's office.
She wasn't there.

Right when it was time to go home, I did something bad.
Not just a naughty sort of bad as I had thought,
but the sort of bad that got Mom really upset.

I chewed on a plant in the office.
Mom said that just because my balcony romance 
had come to an end, it didn't mean I had to act 
out the rest of Romeo and Juliet.

I wasn't sure what she meant by that.
Apparently the plant I took a bite out of 
was called an Angel Wing Begonia.

I thought, 'Hey, it's named after my Calico Angel?'
But no.
It's toxic to cats.
And here I thought it just tasted good.

Mom kept an extra close eye on me after that.
She kept following me around and asking if I was okay.

I felt fine.
I went out on the patio for awhile.

Then, Mom said I had to go inside so she could
keep an extra close watch on me.

I rejected her command,
but she stopped me.

So I had to hang out indoors all night.

I tried really hard to convince Mom that I 
was feeling great.

I played with Little String on the couch.

Daddy came home and gave me a new box.

"This is great, but where's the turkey and why is it

"O.K., this is better...

...but I still don't see any turkey."

I don't like turkey, but that's beside the point.

After becoming bored with the new box,
I began playing with the couch itself.

Eventually I was reminded that the people
formerly known as 'Monday People' had moved to Friday.

Except that Friday Aunt and Uncle didn't come over,
only Facetious Friday showed up.

(Formerly Sarcastic Monday)

After she went home,
I ran around the house, still hoping to
convince Mom that I was feeling well enough
to go for a nighttime recon.

She wouldn't go for it.

So I curled up on the couch with Mom and Daddy.

Maybe by tomorrow she'll be convinced.