Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yesterday, for the brief moment I was allowed outside,
I checked for Angel.

Although she didn't show,  I can hear her footsteps
coming from the apartment above.
Still...that empty balcony concerns me greatly.

It was Wednesday, so that guy came and took Mom away.
Eventually Daddy came home.
I had mixed emotions.
 I climbed into the Box of Rebellion and rolled around looking cute.

Daddy offered to take me with him to go get Mom,
but I avoided the harness by jumping up onto the bench.

Daddy left me behind.

He did eventually bring Mom home.
I meowed my desire for a nighttime recon.
Mom explained that it was too chilly outside to suit
her current mood and we would not be going.

Well that left me with pent-up energy.
Pent-up grumpy energy.
So I released it.

Again I was too fast for Mom's camera!

After a spree of rowdy behavior,
Mom try to get me to settle down and snuggle with her
by wrapping me up int the TARDIS blanket and rocking me.

I tolerated it for a bit before wriggling free.

"I'm outta here!"

I resumed my romp.

After awhile Mom aided my play.

She took my carpet piece and rolled it into a tunnel shape.

The newness of it combined with Chewbacca-Mouse
kept my interest for awhile!

I finished it off with another gallop around the house.

Then I let the truth of my mood seep out.
After all, Mom left me, I got no nighttime recon,
and something's up with Angel's house.

I had spent my energy and was left only with my sulky mood.

I even went and attacked Mom's hand again.

All I can say is,
 tomorrow had better be an improvement.