Friday, January 3, 2014


Today I was in a mood.
I know... when aren't I?

I was feeling anxious for some reason.
I thought sitting and looking out the window would help.

Wait...what's that?

Just a leaf peaking under the door.

I didn't actually want to go out,
but Mom still took me on the usual outing.

While visiting the Nice Ladies in the office
I refused to settle down.

Mom made me sit in her lap because I was being unruly.

It helped a bit.

When we got home, Mom picked me up so she could
groom me.
I growled and hissed at her.
(Sorry, Mom)

I got brushed anyway.
Then Mom left me alone in the house
while she cleaned the bathroom behind closed doors.

I began to miss her.
I guess it was her way of sending me to my room.

I was better behaved when she came out.

Then the Teenagers came over.

Believe it or not, this helped me behave more normal
for a while.
Routine is good.
Because of the holidays, my routines have been interrupted.
So having the Teenagers over helped things seem normal again.

I settled in the armchair.

Then Daddy came home and I started meowing and meowing.
I wanted Mom and Daddy to hang out in the same room.
I wandered all over the house meowing for Mom to follow me.

She got me to be quiet for a little while by 
carrying me around the house.

Once in a while I would settle down on a dining chair
and Mom would come by and let me know she cared.

But I really can't stop feeling anxious.
I'm sure that will change soon, though.
At least, I hope it does.