Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moody Day

Today I woke up in a mood.

I started by staring at Mom from
across the room.
I stared at her, motionless, for a long time.

When she finally came over to me,
I looked away.

I refused to look at her.

Is she still there?

I finally settled down...
and presented my butt.

I sat there like that until she came and put my harness on.

We visited Nice Lady 2 in the office.

However, my mood continued.

Once we returned home,
I sat on the chair furthest from Mom's reach.

When she did reach for me,
I swatted her.

I knew she was just going to be leaving me anyway.
It was Wednesday, after all.

Sure enough, Wednesday Guy came and took her.
When she and Daddy returned,
I meowed for a bit, then returned to my sulking chair.

Mom says I'm leaving out the parts
when she played with me and when
she folded the TARDIS blankie and 
put it on the chair just for me.

I say none of that matters,
since it's clearly done nothing to improve my mood.

OK, so I snuggled on Mom's lap for a bit.

Don't let my cute face fool you.
I'm still sulking.