Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploring My Options

Today I continued my distaste for hanging out 
in the office.

There was so much human activity.

Mom kept me close to her at the table
while the Nice Ladies visited with other humans.

I explored other possible exits.

I also tried to 'help' Mom and the
Nice Ladies with the puzzle they
were working on.

Mom said that I was less than helpful.

Once we left the office for home, I was reluctant to go indoors...

...until that noisy car drove by!

Later in the evening Mom and I hung out with 
Computer Aunt.

However, I wanted a better view... I moved in closer.

So, um, how do I get into her house from here?

Of course I got bored eventually and
curled up on Mom's lap for a brief nap.

Since I'm so cute, I'll give you a bonus picture:

Now Daddy's home, so I'll try getting his attention.

Maybe, once Mom hits that 'publish' button on the blog,
I'll run all over the house.