Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Struggles With Loneliness

Today Mom's cousins came and
took Mom and Daddy away.

After a few hours, they all came back.
Mom introduced me to them.
I was too upset about being left alone
to be happy about meeting new people.

So I went back into my 
Room of Ultimate escape.

After they left I displayed my opinion of Mom and Daddy 
leaving me.

They ignored my protest and went out again.

When they came home this time,
I curled up on Mom's lap in an
attempt to keep her from going anywhere.

She got up anyway.

Fortunately, she was just getting something to eat.
So when she settled down again,
so did I.

Once I was convinced Mom and Daddy were
staying home,
I tried to tell them I wanted a nighttime walk.

They didn't take me,
so I stepped it up a notch and called
more attention to myself.

This too failed.
So now I'm back in Mom's lap.