Sunday, January 26, 2014

Armchair In Black and White

Today I didn't do much at all.
What I did end up doing was enjoying a bit of time
on Mom's lap while in the armchair.

At some point Auntie and Uncle arrived.
Shortly afterward, Mom picked me up, (with the blanket), and stood up.
Auntie then took Mom's seat and 
Mom placed me, (with the blanket), on Auntie's lap.

I was fine with this.

After a brief rest on Auntie's lap, she then, picked me up,
(with the blanket) and set me, (and the blanket) back down
on the chair.

This is where I remained while the humans left the house.
I'm not sure how long they were gone.

Of course, the humans returned and I remained
comfortable in my armchair.

I may have gotten off the chair for a bit, but only a bit.
I was in the chair when Mom once again picked me up,
(with the blanket of course) and proceeded to sit in the chair...
returning me to my rightful spot on her lap.

At first I wasn't happy about being moved once again.

However, she began to rub my head and neck.

Uncle, also, gave me a quick scratch as he passed by.

I then deemed the new arrangement acceptable.

Of course, it's actually the original arrangement.

I believe I have thoroughly domesticated my humans.