Friday, January 31, 2014

Here Be Monsters

Today was a seemingly beautiful day.
A bit chilly, but still nice.

That is, until the monsters started to emerge.

I mean, what is that

Mom calls it a 'leaf blower'.
I call it 'MONSTER'.

It made such a terrible noise that I had to run down
the hallway and wait from a safe distance!

'Just tell me when it's safe to go back
into my room, Mom!'

When Mom and I went into the office
to visit with Nice Lady 2, I thought things
might be O.K.

But I slowly became aware of another monster.
It looked small as monsters go, 
but it didn't sound very safe to me!

'Get me out of here, Mom!'

Back at home, Mom brought out yet another monster!
This one emerges more frequently.

Every time it makes its dreadful appearance,
I have to run down the hallway to get away!

I don't care what you think...
it makes a loud noise!

Therefore I label it: Monster.

The rest of the day was fairly normal.
I just stayed in whatever room Mom was in
and waited patiently...

...maybe impatiently.

Until I finally got what I wanted when she
sat down to do my blog!

Mom's lap, blanket...

...and dreams of slaying monsters.