Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caturday Ups and Downs

Today was not a lazy day.

Mom put my car harness on me.
Look how enthusiastic I am.

We drove somewhere, then Mom and Daddy
ate in the car and let me wander around.

After that, we went to the pet store.

Mom and Daddy picked out some food for me.
Then we looked at the fish.

But there were too many people around,
so I couldn't relax.

Then we got back into the car and drove
to the other pet store.
I curled up inside a kitty house.


I did NOT want to come out.

Mom pulled me out, so I found some other
things to climb on.

I wanted to climb onto the ones in the back,
but Mom wouldn't let me. 

I settled onto a good vantage point.


Then I developed a major attitude problem.
So Mom and Daddy made me come down.

We went into the fish area to calm down.

It worked...except for that weird thing...

Whatever it was, I wasn't expecting it to be there.

We got back into the car and went into a human store.
I stayed in my Traveling Bag the entire time.

Then it was the final trip in the car for the day.

I love nighttime car rides!

When we got home, Mom, Daddy and I
had a little disagreement over which direction to go.

I wanted to go on a nighttime walk,
but they won that battle too.

I guess I'll go inside...

...and head straight for the back door.

Fortunately Mom let me outside!

I stayed out as far as my tether would let me.

But it got cold out there.

When I came in, Mom played with me!

I like to 'cheat' by not going through the tunnel.

I had so much fun...

I was full of energy!

Of course, it's all fun and games until
someone gets hit in the face with a squeaky mouse!

I didn't feel much like playing after that.
I went to comfort myself with food,
but I couldn't even approach that comfortably.

Maybe it's best if I just sit for awhile.

We will meet again squeaky mouse...oh yes, we will meet again.