Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sleeping the Day Away

Today I slept.
And then I napped.
Eventually Mom and Daddy came to see if
I was ever going to get out of bed.

I gave them my response...

...and settle back down to continue napping.

However, they had already disturbed my slumber.

So I wandered out of the bedroom and 
curled up on the dining chair.

Of course, once I was out in the main part of the house,
I got restless.

So Mom let me outside on the tether.
I exited cautiously.

I found a curious scent on the outside of my door.

I came back in for a bit,
then begged to be let out again.

Oh, that's's cold out here.

So now I'm back inside where it's warm...

...but I am REALLY bored!