Saturday, January 4, 2014

Trip to the Store

Today when Mom got me ready to 
go get the mail I was suspicious.
She used my car harness.
When we stopped to visit Nice Lady in the 
office, there was a new guy there.
He seemed nice.

Sure enough, however, Mom and Daddy took me to the car.

We went to the pet store and
I wandered around a bit.

I investigated the cat trees.

This one has a nice platform to sit on.

This one has a nice hiding place.

Yep, it's nice in here.

I saw some kitties that need someone to adopt them.
I think this one's name was Giovanni.

After visiting the kitties I looked at some more
cat trees.

Nope, underneath the shelf is more interesting.

Then I crawled under some scratching posts.

Anything to get away from the barking dogs
I could hear in the store.

Then I went to look at the fish!

So many!

We got back in the car and drove to another store.

Mom put me in my Traveling Bag.

I didn't feel like poking my head out.
Before I knew it I heard familiar voices!

Auntie and Uncle were there!

We spent time wandering around that store with them
before finally driving home.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy nighttime rides!

They left me home alone while they all
went out to eat.

Now they're all back home and I'm settled
on Auntie's lap.

At first, I was nervous about today,
but now I'm thinking...

this was a good day!