Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shopping Cart

Today was a normal Wednesday... first.

Mom and I visited Nice Lady 1 in the office.
I made myself at home.

Then a lady brought one of my least favorite 
things into the room.

That's right!
A shopping cart!
Humans are weird!
I was NOT happy about it.

I made my way to the door that
 I know leads home.

I watched as the shopping cart left.

Then I waited patiently for Mom to finish
talking to Nice Lady.

Once we got home everything was fine.
That is, until Wednesday Guy took Mom away.

After hours of being by myself,
 Mom and Daddy finally came home.

Mom had moved my blanket back into the proper chair.
(after it had been moved on Monday...see prior blog entry)

I'm thinking, maybe I like it better in the 
other chair after all.
Yep, Mom is definitely going to have to move it back.