Friday, January 17, 2014


Today I was restless.
Mom took me to get the mail as usual,
but when we got to the office there was too much human activity.

The Nice Ladies were there, both Maintenance Men 
and Poodle Lady!
(without her poodle, thank goodness!)

The humans seemed content to hang out,
but I wanted to go home!

I meowed and meowed and meowed!
Mom couldn't understand it.
I normally calm down even if I start off
wanting to go home,
but not today!

She finally let me go home and
she went back to hang out with the humans.

When she came home, she realized her
I had needed to use the litter box!
She felt so bad.

She let me sit outside to enjoy the sunset.

I was in a good mood for the rest of the day...
if not a bit restless.
First, Mom took the blanket off the chair.
I sat in the chair and voice my discomfort.
Finally she brought in my blanket from the bedroom.

Much better!

Then the Teenagers came over.

I wandered all over the house the entire time they
were here.

When Daddy came home,
he put his jacket on the chair next to mine.
I claimed it.

Then I went back to my chair
and cleaned between my toes.

Mom wondered if I was going to settle down.

I'm going to take Daddy's jacket again.

This was nice for about half an hour.

Ultimately, however, my blanket is more comfortable.

Just so long as they remember that both
the blanket and the jacket belong to me!