Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Weather

Yesterday, just when I thought everything was 
going to be alright,
Wednesday Guy came back and took Mom away after all!

Mom and Daddy didn't come home until
after midnight!
I was so lonely I couldn't even
get Mimzy into the food bowl properly.

I suppose it's not abnormal for them
to stay out so late, but it was windy outside!

Today things became 
more dramatic!

Just before sunrise there was a 
raging windstorm!
The sound of the wind was very unnerving!
Then, suddenly, the wind took
out the electricity!
It was so close to my house!
First there was a loud noise, 
then a bright flash of light...
and BANG, everything went dark!
I didn't even have a chance to react when the
lights started to come back on and then...


Again, and all went dark for the next eight hours!

I was scared!

I'm glad Mom was there to comfort me!

When afternoon came around,
it started to snow.
It was coming down thick!

So Mom decided we'd better check the mail
before it got much worse.

This involved no walking whatsoever on my part.

I really wanted to see out,
but it became difficult with the wind blowing the 
snow into my face!

I took advantage of the brief covering in front of the office.

No Nice Ladies today, 
I guess they couldn't work without electricity.

Mom and Daddy went out for a bit, 
but they seem to being staying put for
the rest of night.

I'm taking turns between
watching the snowflakes out the window
and napping!

I think it's good snuggle weather!