Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sometimes I Just Sit

Today, when we went to get the mail,
Wednesday Guy showed up.
He went into the office with us to meet the Nice Ladies.


That Dog was there again!
At first I was quite calm,
but then the Dog smelled my feet.

I don't care how well-behaved and used to cats the Dog
is...that's going too far!

So, after that, I did pretty much nothing all day.

For a short period of time Mom put my scarf on me.

Then I decided I wanted to continue my 
day of napping.
Mom put the TARDIS blanket in the chair for me,
but something was still missing.
All I could do was stare at the chair until Mom
figured it out.


She took forever to figure out I wanted her
to sit under the blanket.

It's much warmer this way!

After a good nap I wandered.
Mom had rearranged some of my boxes,
so I investigated them.

While Mom was hanging out with Computer Aunt
I continued my lazy attitude.
Mom had quite a difficult time getting me to move
enough to make an animated GIF for my blog.

Here's the final result of her all day quest:

I know, I'm way too energetic!

The blanket got thrown onto the couch,
so now I'm doing my best to sleep on part of it.

Once Mom posts my blog, I'm going to become
all kinds of active!