Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today Mom visited the
Nice Ladies for a long time again.
But, for the first time, Daddy showed up!

Shortly after he did, we went home.

Mom and Daddy then left me for awhile.

When they returned, Mom played with me.

Mom says I take way too long to pounce.
Here's the edited version...

Then, after about five minutes...


Followed by a brief leap attack.

Then start again.

Then I decided to stay in the box and just
swat at the feathers.

Later in the evening the Monday People came over,
including Auntie and Uncle.

This is a picture of Monday Aunt and Monday Uncle
getting ready to leave:

And this is a picture of me sitting on Auntie's lap
watching them leave:

I think I'm going to stay here until Auntie leaves me.