Sunday, January 5, 2014

Humans, Stay Home!

Today Mom and Daddy just wouldn't stay home.
I tried to entertain myself with Chewbacca-Mouse for a bit.

But ultimately I spent most the day trying to sleep.

Whenever they were home,
(which wasn't very long at a time),
I Rebelled against their behavior...

...while also trying to keep their affection.

Finally they came home with Auntie and Uncle!

I knew this meant they were likely in for the night.
Sure enough, Mom played with me!
First, it was Yoda-Mouse on a string!

Then it was Squeaky Mouse.

Now the Humans are at the dining table
playing human games.

Uncle was nice enough to make sure a good
comfy blanket was in the remaining dining chair.

I'm just happy to have everyone in one place!