Monday, January 6, 2014

Boring Times For a Cat

Today Mom stayed home.
I wanted her to stay in the bedroom all day
while I slept.

She didn't comply.

Daddy did bring me some new boxes to play with.
I was entertained for a good 3 minutes.

We didn't get the mail until late,
so the office was closed.
Which means I didn't get to visit the Nice Ladies.

However, we did find Monday Aunt and Uncle
while we were getting the mail.
They followed us inside.
Eventually Sarcastic Monday showed up as well.
The Humans settled into their normal Monday routine.

I sat alone in the dining room.

Once everyone started leaving,
I explained to Mom that it was the perfect time
for a nighttime walk.

She wouldn't go for it.
So I asked her to come watch me eat.

Then I continued to explain to her why
a nighttime walk was the perfect thing to do.

I'm telling you, if she doesn't take me on a walk,
I'm going to get into some trouble!