Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finding Ways to Entertain Myself

Today I woke up feeling pretty good.

I took my time getting up.

When we went on the usual trip to get the
mail, we found New Guy waiting in the office.

He might get upgraded to Nice Guy soon.
He gave Mom a big box.
I assumed it was for me.

Mom let me stay outside for awhile because
it was fairly warm today.

Eventually I came in and investigated the new box.

I smelled it...

then I tasted it.

Later I returned to where my day began.

Sarcastic Monday showed up and took Mom away.
When they finally returned, I tried everything
to get their attention.

I was so bored!

Yep, that's me under the blanket.

After Daddy came home, Mom
finally picked me up.

I climbed over her shoulder and sat on her back.

This was just preparation for getting on top
of the refrigerator.

She was very accommodating.

I didn't feel like sitting in my 
Ultimate Box of Rebellion, however.
So I just sat on top of the fridge for a bit.





Eventually everyone left me.
Mom and Daddy did return after awhile.

Then Mom finally played with me.

I'm liking the new box.

I even jumped four feet in the air!
But there was no way I was going to 
let them film my best attacks.

Mom didn't play with me as long as I would have liked.

So now I have to decide if I'm going to try to 
entertain myself some more...
or take a nap.