Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unacceptable Human Behavior


Yesterday I sensed something was not right with my world.

Mom was obviously going to leave me.
I mean, she went to the office without me.
Then she let me outside for a bit...

...which I enjoyed.

My fears, however, came true.
Mom left me all day!

I mean, sure, she made random brief appearances.
So did the Teenagers and Wednesday Guy.

And sure, I would watch for her from the window,
or come out of my Box of Rebellion to greet her...

...but I was NOT happy with her behavior!

It was like she was away, 
and then would come home just to taunt me
only to leave again!

Even Daddy came home before she did!

When she finally did come home she climbed into
that tub of water.
(Why humans do that I'll never understand!)

I had missed her and wanted to be close to her,
but I didn't want to stay in that room.

So I made brief visits.

She sat down in my favorite napping-with-Mom chair.

All I can say is...

...this must never happen again.