Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quality Outside Time, Please!


Yesterday felt like springtime!

I was reluctant to leave my spot in the sun,
but Mom took me outside for our usual rounds.
It was a really nice day!

When we got into the office to visit Nice Lady 2,
 Poodle Lady was in there also.

I just wanted to leave.
The outdoors was calling my name.

Finally!  I got to roll on the concrete.

Then, my happy moment was gone and 
I retreated to my doorway.

Mom let Poodle Lady stop and visit us.

Eventually I figured out that the poodle was 
a bit afraid of me, so I ventured back outside.

Afterward, I had a little time alone with Mom
out on the patio.
Then Wednesday Guy came and took Mom away.

I suppose it was alright.
It does happen every Wednesday after all.

When Mom came home she brought Auntie and Uncle with her.

I wanted to go outside again...

...but I mostly sat on my dining room chair.

Mom tried to get me to play.

I was, however, easily distracted.

Oops! Got myself in trouble right there!
I know I'm not allowed on the table.
At least this time I didn't wreck Mom's puzzle.

I just played from the other chair.

Again, I was distracted easily.

After Auntie and Uncle left, something 
outside caught my attention.

Did you see it?

Another cat!

I wanted to go outside so badly I just
couldn't stand it!

All I could do was stare helplessly from inside.

I wish I could wander outside like that other kitty!
Or at least get a nighttime walk like the ones
Mom used to take with me.