Monday, March 3, 2014

Still Loving My Chair


Yesterday I started my day by returning to my
new favorite spot.
That's right, my dining room chair.

Mom and Daddy went about their day.
They left. They came home. They left again.

When they came home for the final time they
found me right were you'd expect.

That's right, my dining room chair.

I did, however, miss Mom.
So, when she walked down the hall,
I got up and followed her.

She rewarded me with some nip!

I decided to leave the room and go back to my chair,
but she didn't seem to be following me.
So I went back and waited for her to follow.

When she did return to the main part of the house,
she sat on the couch.

I wandered around a bit.
I just couldn't decide what to do!

I mean, I wanted to sit on my chair again,
but Mom was on the couch.

I opted for a spot on the couch next to Mom.

Deep inside, however, I pined for my chair.

Mom got up and played with me for awhile.
We played tag.  Followed by a bit of string.
Eventually, of course, I gave up playing for
what I really wanted... chair.