Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daddy's Home!


Yesterday seemed normal when I woke up.

Mom started doing chores around the house.

Then, with no hint of anything being strange,
she took out the trash.
When she came back into the house...

Daddy was with her!

I just couldn't believe it!

After he was home for a little bit,
I went and sat on my bed by the window.
Daddy came and snuggled with me for a bit.
I purred!
And I shed another tear.
I was so happy to see him!

Wednesday Guy came over for a bit.
Then later Uncle came over, eventually followed by Auntie.

I was really beginning to feel I might 
have some normalcy in my life.

Then I realized that Mom was up to something.

'What's with the backpack, Mom?'

I went to my chair and tried to pretend it meant nothing.

When I asked Mom for a nighttime walk,
she gave it to me!

I really just wanted to smell the
place where that other cat shows up
every night.

When we came back from our walk,
I couldn't help but notice that Mom had
set her sleeping bag next to her backpack.

This does not bode well.
She had confessed to me that she is going 
away with those teenagers again.

'What are you humans trying to do to me?!
I just got Daddy back and now Mom is leaving?!'

At least it's for a 'backpack duration' and not a 'suitcase duration'.

I guess this means no blog for a couple of days.