Saturday, March 22, 2014

Missing Daddy


Yesterday there were some strange humans in the office.

One of them was that little one I saw a long time ago.
So, I was quiet and kept close to Mom.

Later I realized it was the day that the Teenagers come over.

Again, I was quiet and kept mostly to myself.

At one point I tried to get Mom to follow me into
my room and sit with me.
(Because that's what Daddy does with me while the 
Teenagers visit).

But Mom didn't stay with me.

I miss Daddy.

Monday Aunt came over and hung out with 
the Teenagers too.
When the Teenagers began to leave,
Monday Uncle came over.
Then Favorite Aunt showed up!
After a bit, Monday Aunt and Uncle left,
but then Favorite Uncle showed up!

My house was one big human social hub!

So I went into the living room and ignored everyone.

With all these humans coming and going,
 I thought maybe Daddy would walk through that door.

He didn't.

After Mom and I were alone again,
I curled up on my chair.

I was reluctant to get up,
but then something caught my attention.

So I got up to investigate.

I thought maybe I saw that other cat.

I think it just walked by.
So I climbed back onto my chair.

Of course, then I noticed Mom's glass sitting 
on the table there.

I just love to lick the condensation off the side
of a glass!

After I was done licking the glass,
I tried to curl up and go back to sleep.

Mom insists Daddy will be home soon.
I beginning to think humans have a different idea
of 'soon' than I do.