Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's My Chair and I'm Sticking to It!


Yesterday was warm!
I started my day by soaking up the sun in the window.

After Mom and I got the mail, we stayed out on the patio.

That is, until some kids decided to play on their skateboards
in front of MY house!

I retreated to under the bed.

Mom stayed outside and did all kinds of stuff.
After I came out from under the bed,
I watched her from inside the house.

Eventually she tried to entice me back outside
by bringing my blanket from my chair onto the patio.

This was nice, but I started to feel that the upstairs neighbors
were making a little too much noise for me to trust them.

So I went back inside.
When Mom was finally done doing stuff out there,
she also came in.

I am proud to say that I have this whole
thing down!

Of course, from then on I pretty much kept to my chair.

Mom hung out with Computer Aunt...

...I stayed on my chair.

Daddy showed up on the computer again too...

...I stayed on my chair.

It didn't matter if Mom was washing dishes,
doing laundry, or cooking dinner.

I stayed on my chair.

I began to suspect that Mom was mocking me.
Every time I heard the camera click I turned
around and meowed at her.

There's nothing wrong with me staying in my chair
all day!
I can do everything I need to from there!

Except use the litter box.
I could eat there, if Mom would only bring my food to me.

I can certainly sleep there!

Mom tried to get me to snuggle on her lap in the living room.
I tried it.  It was nice.
But the lure of my chair got the best of me.

After all, I can see out the window from here,
so if that cat comes by...or that other cat,
(yes, there's two of 'em!)
I won't miss a thing!

I like my chair and that's all there is to it!