Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Something's Still Not Right


Yesterday I was, as usual, reluctant to get up.

When we went to visit Nice Lady in the office,
I was a little unsettled.

I couldn't stop thinking about running for home.

When we got home, Nice Boy actually
came for a brief visit.

Then he and Mom left me alone for awhile.
When they came back, Nice Boy didn't stay long.

Then Mom did something weird.
She put my box on the couch.

I had to investigate it thoroughly.

It seemed so different and exciting!

Then I noticed something else weird.
Was that my scratching post on the couch too?

Had to investigate that as well!

O.K. this was just too weird.

Next thing I knew, Mom got out the vacuum monster!

I avoided it the best I could.
That thing seems to chase me no matter which
room I run too!

When she put the vacuum monster away,
Mom sat outside on the patio with me.

Eventually the Monday people came over!
They stayed for the usual amount of time.
Daddy even showed up on the computer again for a bit.
However, I stayed on my dining room chair most the time.

I still miss Daddy.
I think Monday Aunt and Uncle felt sorry for me,
because they gave me a lot of attention right before they left.

I guess they could tell I was missing Daddy.

When it was back to being just me and Mom,
I tried to stay in whatever room she was in.

When she was in the living room,
I became king of the blanket and pillow box.

While she was up doing random things,
I begged for a nighttime walk.

When she sat down in the dining room,
I curled up on my favorite chair.

I have to admit, I'm a little worried she might leave me too.

I'll just stick close to her and hope I'm wrong.