Thursday, March 6, 2014

Certainly There's Something I'd Rather Do


Yesterday Mom woke up to find I had put
Mimzy in the food bowl while she slept.

Mimzy was proof that I had been awake later than Mom,
so I felt no need to get up when she did.

It was, after all, a rainy day.

Unfortunately, it wasn't raining hard enough
for me to get out of going to get the mail.

When we got to the office to visit Nice Lady,
I was mostly well behaved.

I checked to see if it was still raining.

It was.

Still, I wanted to go home.

Despite the rain, it wasn't too chilly outside.
So Mom sat on the patio with me for awhile.

Of course, it was Wednesday, so she left me.

As soon as she got home, though, I went 
right back outside.

It wasn't as nice out, however, so I didn't 
stay out too long.

Instead, I lured Mom down the hallway...

...checking every so often to make sure she was still following.

Since she had left me,
it was her responsibility to give me reassurance
by watching over me as I ate.

Then, for the rest of the evening,
I napped on the box of blankets...

...ever mindful of the fact that the hoodie 
had STILL not been returned to my chair.