Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Love My Chair!

(A note to my readers who play "spot the TARDIS":  The number above 
tells how many pictures have the TARDIS in them, not the number of TARDIS'.
Also, there may be partial TARDIS items visible which are not counted in
this number.  Bonus points for you if you spot those ones!)

Yesterday I got up and went to get the mail with Mom.
We didn't stay out long, which is good, because
I wanted back inside the warm house.

I only left this many paw prints in the snow:

Once we got in the house I took up residence
on my dining room chair.

Once in awhile Mom would say my name
and I would respond.

This happened about four times.

I decided that I really liked this chair.

Mom enticed me to play from time to time.

I noticed the camera was on,
so I left my chair to sit on the other chair.

But I returned to my chair.

Sometimes I entertained myself without 
Mom's help!

Eventually I gave in and got off my chair to play.

I went from playing to sitting in my box
full of toys.

Then Auntie and Uncle came over.
Then they left.
Then they came over again...with luggage.
I know what luggage means!

It means Auntie and Uncle are leaving me!

Nothing to do about that, I guess, except sit on my chair.