Thursday, March 20, 2014

Auntie Visits


Yesterday Auntie came over!
She came with Mom and I on our usual rounds.

When we got to the office, Poodle Lady was there.
Yes, with the poodle.

I was less than pleased.
Then that big dog came in too.

'I'm feeling a bit outnumbered here, Mom.'

Finally, we went home and Mom let me enjoy the great outdoors.

Wednesday Guy didn't come to take Mom away.
Instead, Auntie took her.
When they came back, I was so sad I began to cry.

O.K., so I really just had something in my eye.

Mom came to watch me eat, but she didn't stay long enough.
So I used Mimzy instead.

Then I began my watch for that other cat.

Eventually, it showed up!
Auntie and Mom watched it with me.

And the other cat watched us.

Even after it left, I had to keep looking back
to see if it had returned.

After awhile, Auntie left and came back with Uncle.
They stayed a visited for a little while longer.

When it was down to just Mom and I,
I stuck close to her.
Moving from room to room as she did.

Finally settling onto my chair in the dining room
next to hers.