Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Goodbye Beloved Chair!


Yesterday I guess I just shouldn't 
have bothered to get up.

Because the only place I got to go was the office.
And I didn't even want to be there.

Sure, Mom let me stay outside for awhile.
And, sure, it was a really nice day.

But Mom left me.
She came back home briefly, so I ran outside
and tried to get a good roll in.

Mom, however, made me go right back inside.
Then she left again.

To make matters worse,
Mom took her hoodie off of MY chair and washed it!

I didn't say she could do that.
Since my chair was ruined,
I gave it up for a new spot...

...the box of blankets in the living room.
I have to admit, it's cushier than the chair,
but it doesn't have the view out the window.

Since Mom reclaimed her hoodie,
I shall claim all the pillows and blankets!

Your move, human!