Friday, March 21, 2014

Auntie Visits Again!


Yesterday Auntie came over again!
I was, once again, reluctant to get up.

We visited Nice Lady 2 in the office.

As soon as I had a chance I meowed at the door
to go home.
To my surprise, Auntie let me go home!

Auntie visited for quite awhile.
Then, once again, she took Mom away.
Fortunately, they weren't gone as long this time.

They hung out around the table working on another puzzle.

I ran around the house for a bit.

Then I went to sit in my chair.
I could keep a good eye out for that other cat.

Yep! I saw it!

I got up to watch it.

When I was done watching the other cat
I noticed that Auntie didn't seem to be using her
chair at the moment.
It had a really nice blanket on it,
so I decided to take her seat.

Auntie spoils me so!
She was clearly upset that I had taken her seat,
but she didn't make me move.

Obviously she was taken in by my cute factor.
The evidence is in the fact that instead of 
ousting me from her chair, she took pictures of me.

Eventually Auntie went and got Uncle.
They stayed for a bit longer and then went home.

I got up to get something to eat.
When I came back, Mom had moved the nice blanket.
So I went back to my chair.

I was feeling a bit playful,
and my tail was feeling a bit unruly.

So I attacked it!

Sometimes a cat's just got to entertain himself!