Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Adventure


Yesterday was so nice again!

I enjoyed some good time in the window.

I love my window!

Before I knew it, Mom was putting my harness on me.
Not the usual 'we're-going-to-get-the-mail' harness,
but my car harness!

I hadn't seen any of my usual humans that drive.
Nor did I think that Mom was going to drive again.
We went out the wrong side of the house for that.

We got into a car I had walked by many times.
Nice Lady 2 was driving!

I wasn't sure I liked this.
Her car made more noise than I'd prefer.

So I meowed.
A lot.

We finally got to some strange place I'd never seen before.

We parked and some girl came to the window
and left again.

Then Mom let me wander around the car.

When that girl came back, she handed Nice Lady 2 
a bag of food.
None I was interested in.

So I just continued wandering around the car,
stopping for a bit to sit on Nice Lady 2's lap
so I could see out the other window.

Eventually I settled onto Mom's lap while she ate.

When we finally returned home, we went straight into to office.
I, of course, wanted to actually go home!

Fortunately, Mom didn't make me wait too long.

I was in no hurry at that point.
It was a nice day after all.

Mom stayed in the office after she let me go home.
When she finally joined me, she let me outside
on the tether.

It started to get chilly after awhile,
so I went back inside and curled up by my window once again.

This has got to be one of the best spots in the house.

When evening came, Monday Aunt and Uncle came over...
...on Friday!

Again with the inconsistency, humans!

While the humans played video games,
I took a nice nap on the back of the couch
behind Mom.

There were a few times Mom enticed me to play.

After Monday Aunt and Uncle left,
I began my watch for the other cat.

Sure enough! It showed up.
Mom still won't let me outside to talk to it.
(Really, all I want to do is talk!)

I bet some of you are beginning to wonder if
there's really a TARDIS somewhere in this blog...


Did you find it?

I hope you enjoyed Friday's adventure!

See ya!