Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Place Where Suitcases Go


Yesterday I got up ahead of Mom and went into the dining room
where I promptly messed up her puzzle.

I made sure some of the pieces went on the floor so I could
play with them later.
Imagine my disappointment when Mom picked them up.

We made our usual trip to the office to visit the Nice Ladies.

Mom does this thing where she walks with me to the 
open door that leads home...
then she shuts it in my face and takes me off the leash.

Now I ask you..
where's the logic?

Mom actually stayed home and played with me
much of the day.

I love this toy, but it always gets caught on my claws.

Don't worry, I made it back onto my favorite chair.

Later that night,
Mom hung out with Computer Aunt for a short time.
Then she did something VERY unexpected!

She put my car harness on me!

Daddy's wasn't there, so I didn't know what to expect.
To my surprise, Mom operated the car!

She buckled me in and off we went!

We drove for like half and hour!
When we finally stopped,
she put me into my Traveling Bag.

What a strange place!

We approached a big building that had
a really strange door that went around in circles
and made a lot of noise.
All the people were dragging suitcases behind them.

I thought, 'this must be the place the suitcases take people.'

Was I going to go there too?

Not quite.
There was this sign on the strange door:

So Mom and I stood outside for a bit.

Next thing I knew Uncle showed up!
Then he went back inside and the Auntie showed up!

So, this was the suitcase place!
(Um...where's Daddy?)
When Uncle and Auntie and the suitcases
were all with us we walked to the car.

Alas, Daddy was not with them.

When we got back into the car, Uncle drove.
He stopped and gave a strange man something...

...then we left the Suitcase Place and drove home!

I was so happy to have some of my humans back!

But there's still one missing.

Maybe this means there's hope.

Yes, maybe Daddy will return as well!