Wednesday, March 26, 2014

She's Back!


Monday Daddy stayed home with me.
He sat out on the patio with me,
despite the fact that I had hissed at him on Sunday
after Mom left.

Then, yesterday, he went to work.
He came back to check on me during his
lunch break, but then I was alone again.

That is, until evening came.
I heard the door.
Then I heard Mom calling me.

That's right, she came home!
At first I was aloof.
(She deserved it.)

Then I smelled her things.

There were all kinds of really strange smells on them!
She gave me a hug and then went straight to the shower.
I can't say as I blamed her.  After all, she didn't smell
quite like the Mom I'm familiar with.

When she came out of the shower, she sat in the 
recliner and took a nap.
I snuggled in her lap and purred so loud!

Even after Daddy got home, I didn't want to let
Mom out of my sight for very long.
I followed her everywhere.

Even when she hung out in the bathroom for a bit,
I wandered all around her.

I just couldn't leave her unattended for a second!

When she went back to the recliner she
didn't leave me much lap to sit on,
so I sat behind her.

It's great to have both Mom and Daddy home,
but I suspect they're still not settled.