Friday, March 7, 2014

Little Things I Do


Yesterday started off windy.
So windy it made me less than comfortable.
So, obviously I didn't want to go out there.

I tried to stand my ground in the Box of Rebellion.

Little did I know that the wind had died down.

Once we were outside, I didn't want to go home.
I smelled all around the Maintenance Guys' den.

Mom begged me to go home, so I eventually gave in,
but I still didn't want to go inside.

So Mom put me on my tether.

She, however, did not want to be outside.
Granted, it wasn't as warm as the day before.

She opted to watch me from indoors.

I came inside when I was good and ready.
This is how I ask her to take off my harness:

She always follows it up with a good back scratch.

Later, Mom replaced the missing hoodie on my chair
with a blanket.

It wasn't as good as the hoodie, but I guess it will do.

I sat there almost the entire time Mom hung out with
Computer Aunt.
To my surprise, Sarcastic Monday was also on the computer.


Mom got herself something to drink.
I was grateful because I love
condensation on the side of a glass!

I can never resist it!

Later in the evening,
I remembered how much I enjoyed being outside
earlier in the day.

I made it clear to Mom that I wanted 
some more outside time.

She denied my request.

So I found other ways to amuse myself.
Mom and Daddy were now hanging out in the 
living room, so I went there too.

Unfortunately I fell for that darn cat trap!

Fortunately the box of blankets was right next to it.
So I was able to pull myself out and curl up for a nice nap.

After all, the chair is still not quite the same.