Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not In My Chair ALL Day


Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good.

I wanted to stay in bed for awhile.

When I got up we made the usual trip.

Once we came back home, Mom and Daddy left 
me for a couple of hours.

When they returned I was in my chair.

Then Mom left for a couple hours.
So I stayed in my chair.

When Mom finally came home, I sat on
the back of the recliner behind her.

Then Sarcastic Monday came over.

So I went back to my chair in the dining room.

I stayed there the entire time she was visiting.
At one point I started playing with my tail for a bit, but
when Mom came in to film me...
...well, you know how I feel about the camera!

When Sarcastic Monday started to leave,
she gave me a proper goodbye.

After she left I got a bit rambunctious.

Mom tried to set up the camera so I wouldn't know
she was recording my playtime.
Like I wouldn't notice!

I tried to knock it over.

Of course, my giddies got the best of me.
So Mom got some footage after all.

Then I got bored.

So I decided to settle down and get to work on my blog.

Hmmm...what to write...

...oh, that's right!  Make Mom do it!

(For those who play 'Spot-the-TARDIS', extra points for spotting the sonic screwdriver)