Sunday, March 9, 2014

Need to Romp


Yesterday, when I got up, the door to the 
Forbidden Room was open.
So naturally I went in.

I got caught.
So I ran back into my room and looked adorable.

It was a rainy day and Mom and Daddy left me
for much of it.

When they came home, I meowed my disapproval.
Of course, I was still trying to rouse myself
from being bored all day.
So my yawn got the best of me.

I continued meowing until Mom watched me eat...

 Then Mom let me enjoy some
time outside.
Since it was raining, she trusted me without my harness
for awhile.

When Mom and Daddy finally settled in for the night,
I settled onto Mom's lap.

I made the necessary adjustments.

When Mom got up, I waited in the chair for her.

However, she didn't come back soon enough,
so I moved to the back of the couch.

Then I became restless.
I asked Mom for some more outside time.

She ACTUALLY gave it to me!

It had stopped raining,
so I ventured as far as I could.

When I came back inside,
Mom called me to get my harness off.
Look how well behaved I am!

Once I was free of my harness,
I got hyper!

I took to my usual romp.

Oh!  Drat!

I hate those unexpected itches!